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Sales and product support for overseas products in Japan.

We specialize in providing support from zoom camera modules, UVC cameras / lightning, IOT equipment, wireless modules, equipment design, development and manufacturing, and industrial computers and industrial Androidtablets.We have a long history of development, design and manufacturing.
With this development, we cooperate with overseas factory OEM / ODM partners and sell products in Japan.
Taking advantage of this experience, we sell overseas products in Japan and provide product support.

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Sales Pitch

IOT camera development / manufacturing, zoom camera module, UVC camera / lightning, industrial Androidtablet, industrial computer We will provide domestic sales and product support for such products.
UVC Camera / Lightning UVC
There are quite a few ipads and iphones in Japan. The resolution of the LCD screen is unprecedented and high resolution. However, it is unfortunate that there is no camera that can be used other than the built-in camera because external camera images cannot be input.
This lightning UVC is a board that allows you to connect your favorite camera by creating a board that can be connected to an external UVC camera.
Industrial Androidtablet, computer
The industrial Android tablet OEM / ODM product proposed by RTC is a product that allows you to use high-quality products with confidence. In order to supply model products for as long as possible, we will collaborate with many overseas vendors as IT equipment manufacturing and development companies and provide them as low-cost, high-quality OEM / ODM.
Unlike consumer products, various authentication functions such as RFID, iris authentication and fingerprint authentication can be made optional.
Since it is assumed to be used under harsh conditions, IP65 certification, impact resistance, and LTE / WIFI are also included.
Feature 1
Small lot production is possible
In the case of an OEM case, we will produce to order from 200 units.
Feature 2
Extended support after mass production
Supply of development model will be 5-7 years parts supply and product supply. * Depending on the android version, it may be excluded.
Feature 3
Enhanced quality and repair support at low cost
The product warranty for one year is supported by the send back method. After that, please contact us for each service.
Feature 4
OEM / ODM for non-industrial Android tablets
We also produce small lots of non-industrial Android tablets. We will produce to order from 500 units.
Please consult us if you have such problems.
た い I want to put my original logo
□ You can put a video as an opening logo, such as a company logo or an original product logo.
② Looking for a reasonable tablet.
Recommended for cost cutting because of its excellent cost performance.
③ Looking for a tablet that meets your needs
It is possible to manufacture tablets according to the environment and applications such as industrial use and internal use.
④ Looking for a factory that can produce OEM / ODM
Since our company has alliances with multiple production factories, we can propose production according to customer requirements.
⑤ Acting import business
Our company imports and exports from many overseas vendors to Japan, the United States, European countries, etc. Please leave the relevant documents.
⑥ Deliver a safe and secure Android tablet.
We will also acquire technical standards conformity certification (each country) stipulated by domestic and foreign laws and domestic electrical appliance safety obligations (PSE mark). Therefore, we will deliver products that can be used with confidence.
Sales support for IOT products
We will check your product specifications and advertise for sale in Japan.
As a method, after confirming whether there is a need by notifying in Japan crowd crowding or online, open a sales site and sell.
At the same time, we will create a system that enables stable branding and sales.
We will check your product specifications and advertise for sale in Japan.
As a method, after confirming whether there is a need by notifying in Japan crowd crowding or online, open a sales site and sell.
At the same time, we will create a system that enables stable branding and sales.
If you are interested in products such as portable batteries, cameras, accessories, clothing, etc., please contact us.

Other presentation

We would like to sell products in various fields in Japan, so please feel free to contact us.
For your reference, the technologies that we can handle are listed below.
[Business description and features]
1. Planning, consulting and design, development, and sales of IOT products
BOARD camera module, camera module with optical zoom lens, Wi-Fi module, touch panel LCD module, Android board, etc.
2. Contract development and manufacturing of IOT products OEM and ODM
Smartspeaker, WIFI camera, surveillance camera, action camera, large capacity battery case, drive recorder, etc.
3. Support for overseas manufacturing contract, design, development, manufacturing and transportation
4.Consignment of circuit design and basic design of various modules
5.3 Design prototype design using 3D printer, modeling output, painting
6. Consulting services
Market entry, technology transfer business (new business) development R & D, product and technology development, IP management, sales programming planning, implementation support
7. Industrial computer
Production, assembly and adjustment of original computers

[Outline of main products / technology / products / services / examples of use]
From development, design, trial production to mass production
Speedy and low-cost OEM / ODM services
Reliable Technology manufactures products that utilize its core strengths such as cameras, wireless devices (Wifi / Bluetooth), sensors and LCDs.
And we provide consistent OEM / ODN services from development, design, design, prototyping and mass production.
Furthermore, unlike general development vendors, we are developing our own products based on user-centricity.
Therefore, from the product planning stage, it is possible to repeat the discovery of issues at the site and user tests to create products that are actually useful.
Example (manufacturing board camera with operating temperature specified at factory site) 10.0Mpixel auto focus, 1/4 inch CMOS used, frame rate 30FPS, input power DC5V, operating temperature -30 ℃ to + 70 ℃, board size: 44mm × 44mm manufactured

[Trade record / development record with overseas companies]
There are pipes with local factory corporations in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc., and manufacturing costs can be reduced. Design work etc. is done in Japan, our company goes to the local factory and directly makes the factory and manufacturing plan etc., quality improvement and shipping.
Examples: LED lighting, board camera module, surveillance camera, large capacity battery, electron microscope, electronic scanner, etc.

[Representative's message (Efforts for future sales channel development, intention to use Jegtec, etc.)]
At present, our company is mainly contracted OEM and ODM, but we want to increase this work so that we can increase the pipes at overseas factories and expand original products overseas in the future.
First of all, we would like to strengthen the mass production system of non-defective products by connecting with many companies who are in trouble with hardware design and systems.
Although it is mainly in Asia, I often go to local factories and form a network with a view to selling overseas.

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