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WM Co., Ltd.

We constantly research and develop original technologies that will be appreciated in Japan and the world in order to become the leading company in the industry.

"Scallow Premium" used in various fields
-Antibacterial products
-Medical care
-Food industry

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Scallow Premium (antibacterial agent), plastic materials, bioplastic materials, and antibacterial, and deodorant processed products
Plastics with Scallow Premium (natural antibacterial agent) added
Scallow Premium can now be combined with thermoplastics resin or thermosetting resin to make resin products antibacterial. This technique is free from detachment of coated antibacterial agents, which is a demerit of such coated agents, and allows the antibacterial effect to last longer. In addition, the cost of this technique is lower than that of conventional antibacterial agents, resulting in cost reduction. In a test based on the standards for foods, additives, etc., "Apparatus, containers, or packaging made of synthetic resin whose principal component is polyethylene or polypropylene," Food Sanitation Act, resin combined with Scallow Premium passed the standards.
The natural antibacterial agent Scallow Premium  is proved to be safe even if a large quantity of the agent is combined with resin to increase the period of antibacterial effect.  
Egg shell bioplastic (ETE resin)
When egg shells are combined with plastic resin and constitute more than 51% of the plastic resin, environmentally friendly bioplastic is produced. Adding Scallow Premium (a natural antibacterial agent) to the bioplastic enables the bioplastic to have an antibacterial effect. 
Scallow Premium (scallop shell calcinated calcium and egg shell calcinated calcium) antibacterial agent
Our original product, Scallow Premium (a natural antibacterial agent), is expected to be used for various fields such as soil improvement, water quality improvement, and rustproofing.
We also manufacture antibacterial processed products such as refreshers and deodorant sprays.  
The above products are used by companies for sanitary management and the cleaning of kitchens, and are highly regarded.
The products are also used for sanitary management of kindergartens, etc.




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