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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:32

TK-Agile, Inc.

A company that provides quick development of smoothly operating systems

We make cost-effective proposals tailored to clients' situations from three perspectives: that of management, that of the workplace, and that of IT professionals.

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"ExceLive® IoT" connects Excel with your business
Operable with Excel
Information is received through Excel, so screen operation is simple. Clients can freely expand or improve the functions, and exert their creativity; for example, they can change the layout of the screen and automate operational procedures.
Real-time distribution
Since information from equipment is push delivered, data is received only when information is changed. Therefore, there is no need to frequently access the server, minimizing the burden on the PC.
Freely customizable
Clients can customize ExceLive® IoT by using Excel macros. Since the system is developed by us, we can customize the server in response to your requests. (Please note that an extra costs will be incurred.)
Tuning slow Excel macros
Do your Excel macros work too slowly?
"For one process, it takes more than 10 minutes to process up to 1,000 data items."
If an Excel macro works too slowly, its processing speed can drastically be improved by tuning. (Our experience shows that the processing speed will be 10 times higher, on average.)
However, many clients are worried about the costs of outsourced software production. Many small- and mid-sized companies may be worried that they do not know a company with which they can freely talk about the costs. 
Please consult us!
We have just started providing new customers with the following services: "Free diagnosis of slow Excel macros (*)" and "Tuning of slow Excel macros for a results-based fee" (This service applies only for Windows Excel 2013 and higher.) 


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