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Pioneer of Rubber Dams (raised weirs made of rubberized fabric)

Our company is a general equipment supplier for rivers. We have installed water control equipment, such as water gates and dust extractors, at 3,300 locations throughout Japan, from water sources to bay areas to control and utilize water and for the effective use of water resources. We also develop and sell environmental system equipment for water purification.

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Rubber Weirs (rubber dams)
A rubber weir has a simpler civil structure than other gates, making it easy to manage and maintenance-free. Since the rubber is inflated with compressed air, it does not require additional equipment such as hydraulic cylinders, and there is no risk of oil leakage into rivers. The rubber weir (rubber dam) realizes high-performance flood control and water utilization at a low cost.
Trash Extractor
Our rivers and agricultural canals contain all kinds of trash, from floating debris to bulky waste. They are increasingly causing trouble for water utilization facilities' functions (e.g., gates and pumps), especially in recent years due to changes in lifestyles and industrial forms. Removing such trash based on the unique installation conditions of water utilization facilities and drainage pumping stations has become the most fundamental policy in any water utilization project to maintain their overall function and achieve the objectives.
General Water Gates
We produce various types of standard water gates to suit different applications and installation conditions. Please make use of our extensive experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of water gates. We will make recommendations focusing on safety, security, and cost, based on know-how accumulated over the years.

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