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Latest update: 25/06/2021 18:17:32

Kamijo Pack Co.,Ltd.

Offering a total planning system for your packaging

Our company delivers custom-made, total packaging products to our customers together with high quality, short delivery time, and low cost.

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Business Description, Features, Strengths to Emphasize
Business Description and Features
Manufacture of vacuum-formed trays; processing and manufacture of plastic cardboard, Texel, cushioning materials, general paper containers, various cardboard cases, general packaging materials, etc.

Our company offers accurate and prompt services for trial production of new products and small-lot products, with a view to mass production. We are also willing to provide consultation on mass production, production costs, and delivery dates after trial production. Packaging is the face of a product. As products become more diverse, naturally the packaging also needs to become more varied. Our stance is to capture such diversified needs with flexible ideas and provide them with quick action.

The latest vacuum forming line, completed recently, allows us to handle forming in any lot sizes. Please leave the production of PP, PS, PET, etc., to us from the material consideration phase. 

In addition, we developed “Kadokichi-Kun” plastic cardboard (utility model patent registered), which will meet the needs of our customers because they can be freely assembled and disassembled and are fit for a wide range of sizes.
Strengths to Emphasize
We, Kamijyo Pack, provide a total planning system for packaging. 

Packages must have various elements such as protection, storage, sales promotion, and communication for the product. Our company has introduced printing and processing systems to operate under the latest facilities and equipment to meet the customers’ needs and provide package material proposal, structure design, and internal/external design.
Representative's Message
Kamijyo Pack can meet all kinds of requests as we offer a wide range of services, including product packaging, wrapping paper, paper bags, partitions, Brewster (vacuum forming), various cushioning materials, seals, and labels.

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