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Latest update: 03/04/2020 18:15:38

Hanatsubaki Techno Service Company

Professionals in comprehensive healthcare facility support

We specialize in the management of medical care facilities, providing healthcare professionals with an environment that lets them concentrate on medicine, and patients with an environment which they can use comfortably. What is important in the day-to-day cleaning of hospitals, is to take thorough measures for disinfection and infection prevention. Our staff pays utmost attention to the handling of cleaning equipment and always use it in a sanitary condition. Located in Chiba Prefecture, we can dispatch our staff not only to Chiba, but also Tokyo and Saitama. Whether day-to-day cleaning, scheduled cleaning or special cleaning, we can accommodate any of our customers' needs. 

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Providing the thoughtful services that only healthcare experts can
Total management of healthcare facilities.
Hospitals and medical care facilities require highly specialized operational management capabilities and thoughtful services. 
Making full use of the experience and achievements that we have built up over many years, we create secure and comfortable medical environments.
■Our main services
[Cleaning (in hospitals)] 
We maintain cleanliness and hygiene conditions in hospital facilities such as  inpatients' and outpatients' wards. We actively introduce the latest equipment and take measures against secondary infection.
[Reception and guidance duties (management services)]
We perform duties such as reception and guidance comprehensively on clients' behalf. We also input data and create various documents. 
[Shops in hospitals]
We sell an extensive lineup of medical and healthcare products.
[Security tasks (disaster control center staff)]
In hospital environments, where various people visit, we perform tasks such as ensuring security and removing suspicious persons.
[Planting management (pruning, tree disinfection, weeding, etc.]
We perform pruning, weeding, disinfection, etc. to manage plants in and outside of hospitals. By considering the characteristics of each plant, we take the best care of it in each season.
[Special equipment management]
By complying with regulations and work specifications, we inspect and examine special equipment held by medical institutions. In doing so, we contribute to the prevention of sudden failures. 
Undertaking the management of environmental sanitation
We maintain comfort and hygiene in environments of each building. 
We manage environments in each building. The management includes that of air quality, water supply, drainage, and effluent. By doing these, we provide clients with the best living and business environments.
■Main services
-Air quality in buildings
-Water supply management and drinking water inspection
-Management of wastewater and effluent
-Elimination of rats, insects, etc.
Other management duties
We provide various services relating to the management of buildings and facilities. 
We perform various services in order to make best use of the characteristics of each facility and building.
■Main services
-Guarding the facility
-Parking management
-Undertaking repair and renovation
-Selling and acting as an intermediary for building equipment
-Selling and acting as an intermediary for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation elevators
-Selling and acting as an intermediary for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation air conditioners

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