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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:32

MC-Squared Co., Ltd.

Please entrust MC-SQUARED Co, Ltd. with planning, developing, or modifying CAD, CAM, or CAE software.

For the utilization of computers (for product design, design, processing, and performance prediction) for machine (machines and molds) manufacturers, we propose, develop, and provide dedicated software (CAD or CAM) that matches clients' needs. 

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Introduction of our business lineup, product, and technology summaries, as well as other information
Business lineup and merits
By planning and developing software, with a focus on customizing CAD or CAM, we support the design and production of products that are performed by clients. (Business lineup) The manufacturing industry designs, plans, as well as processes products and predicts product performance by using computer technologies such as CAD and CAM. However, using the existing CAD or CAM without modification may not allow a company to design products that meet its requirements. So far, we have met clients who experienced hardships due to self-customization of CAD or CAM or who were experiencing setbacks by not knowing the fact that CAD or CAM can be customized. By solving such setbacks and providing software development that meet clients' needs, we support clients in actively utilizing computers.
Summaries of main products, technologies, and equipment
MC-SQUARED Co., Ltd. is a unique software company specializing in the development of shape processing programs. Although we can develop programs only in this field, we are best suitable for clients who require only programs in this field. MC-SQUARED Co., Ltd. is proficient in the development of shape processing functions. The targets of shape processing are points, curves, curved surfaces, BREP (volumetric representation equipped with phases), and STL. Although the name MC-SQUARED Co., Ltd. does not come to the surface, our programs are surely operating in CAD, CAM, or CAE systems of users or vendors.
For matching
We provide constituent members (board members, employees, and stakeholders) with a place where they can "pursue satisfaction of creative and universal significance." Business activities are carried out primarily for supporting constituent members as well as their family members, and secondarily for supporting local communities. In other words, we want to be a place where pursuit of intellectual curiosity is fused with business activities. In society, money, a form of medium, triggers the circulation of goods and services. Therefore, the pursuit of profit as a part of business activities is, needless to say, justified. However, we do not think that infinite pursuit of profit is the ultimate goal. We respect the satisfaction of intellectual curiosity or processes for satisfying it, just as we respect the pursuit of profit.

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