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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:45:35

Eikura Tsushin Co., Ltd.

Eikura Quality which connects new eras together.

Please approach us for wire harness processing with short delivery and development, designing, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of various measuring instruments.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology overview
Business content/features
Our main businesses are wire harness processing and development and the design, manufacture, sale, and maintenance of various measuring instruments. We offer a variety of electric wire processing, as well as total assembly processing such as wire harness processing, cords such as tape wire (FFC), and the attachment of parts to harnesses. In our vibration analysis products, we handle everything from design to manufacturing, and you can rest assured that we also offer maintenance 
Overview of main products and technologies
In our wire harness business, we design various wire harnesses for automobile electrical components and industrial vehicles and offer everything from design to procurement and final processing of parts. We can handle a wide range of processing from lead wires used in the wiring of various types of equipment to main harnesses for large construction machines and forklifts. Tape wires (FFC) can be used as internal wiring for computers, calculators, radio cassette recorders and others, and as lead wires for connecting printer boards to other electronic components. Using a tape wire (FFC), it is possible to save the trouble of mounting and to make the part smaller and lighter. Vibration analyzers are used by a variety of customers, such as railway companies.
Message from the representative (efforts toward developing sales channels and plans about utilizing J-GoodTech, and others)
Our electric wire processing business has been the core of our business since our establishment. We process and produce wire harnesses for electrical equipment used in automobiles and logistics equipment and tape electric wires (FFC) that are used in the internal wiring of personal computers and audio equipment, and others. In our vibration analysis work, we handle everything from the design and manufacture of vibration measuring equipment to developing advanced analysis software that requires specialized knowledge, such as frequency distribution simulations, in a manner that meets the requirements of our customers. We try to respond promptly and quickly, which is difficult for major manufacturers to do, and we strive to ensure the safety of transported objects and moving objects, and we are working diligently to respond to a wide range of vibration evaluations that could have an effect on the human body. Please feel free to make an inquiry if you have any questions.

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