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Latest update: 06/04/2023 14:32:15


We contribute to society through the provision of solar power generation and storage batteries.

We install and sell solar power generation systems, storage batteries, and other products that are used for homes or industrial purposes. 
We sell electricity generated by solar power stations and engage in the business of maintaining them which includes cleaning them, mowing the grass in the premises, and inspecting their electrical conditions. Furthermore, we import and export battery cells and modules. 

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Solar power generation, storage batteries, and V2H
Solar power generation
Installing solar panels on the roof enables solar power generation. The generated electricity brings a lot of merits such as the use of the electricity at home and the sale of redundant electricity to electric power companies via power lines to earn income. In addition, a combination of a solar power generation system and a storage battery serves as an emergency power source in case of troubles such as a power failure. Since the solar power system always allows the residents to use electricity as usual, the whole family can live with peace of mind.
Storage batteries
We install storage batteries that are rechargeable multiple times. The greatest merit is that the stored electricity can be used whenever needed. Charging the storage battery during daytime and using the battery at night, when electricity prices are high, can reduce cost. Furthermore, in case of a disaster or the like, home appliances such as lights and TV sets can be used so long as electricity is stored in the storage battery. We recommend the storage batteries as a preparation for emergencies. 
Have you ever heard of "V2H (Vehicle to Home)"? This is a system which allows electricity stored in an EV (Electric Vehicle) to be used at home. Even when electricity is not stored in the storage battery, V2H and an EV enable the use of electricity stored in the EV. The EV can be turned into a large storage battery and support your life as a stable life infrastructure.