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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:32

Mountain Gorilla Co., Ltd.

We provide optimum solutions for systematizing daily work reports. 

We provide tailor-made systems dedicated to the systematization of daily work reports which cannot be enabled with packaged systems. Since the systemization is carried out based on the currently used daily work reports, you can use our systems immediately without any instruction manual.

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We meet the needs for the systematization of all types of daily work reports at production sites.
There are no upfront costs. You can use Pro-Manager for a monthly fee starting from as low as 15,000 yen.
"A packaged system is not suitable for our company." "Such a system is not easy to use. Therefore, it will not take root in our company." "We need to change the way we work to conform with the system."
Pro-Manager is best suited for companies that have the concerns described above. Since systemization is carried out based on the currently used daily work reports, your company does not have to change the way you work. Furthermore, since our systems are tailor-made, they can be customized in tune with requests. The low monthly fee without the initial cost allows your company to easily introduce Pro-Manager. Only Pro-Manager allows for a small start!
Optimum for a step up from writing on paper documents or inputting data on Excel. 
Paper-based daily work reports are filled in every day because such filling-in is required. However, in most cases, the written contents are not effectively utilized. 
Pro-Manager accumulates daily work reports as data, which allows your company to start data utilization. 
Entering data on Excel and creating graphs based on the data are troublesome. 
Pro-Manager can automatically create graphs so long as you input data on a daily basis.
Pro-Manager drastically reduces labor and time required for daily work reports.



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