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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:44

VELXY Co.,Ltd.

Resin processing, metal (aluminum) processing, and various precision machining for semiconductor devices, medical equipment, electronic equipment/products, scientific instruments, etc.

Specialty-specific production systems achieved by total solutions of resin processing as well as metal processing and by a group company system. Short delivery periods thanks to around-the-clock operation of production machines. (The same day delivery is possible.) 

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Description of business
Resin processing
[High-mix low-volume production of parts]
We provide various technologies including cutting, bending, bonding, and welding.
[Mass-production of parts]
We can solve the problem of medium-lot production parts that are not produced in a large enough quantity to be molded.
Special processing
[Materials that we process]
PEEK, PTFE, PCTFE, PVDF, PP, VESPEL, CEPLA, TI polymer, polysulphone, and Ultem 

Microfabrication and large lathe turning -> acrylic polishing, high-precision processing of rubber, gaskets, etc., and assembly of resin as well as metal -> assembly of small-sized equipment   
Metal processing
Technologies mainly for aluminum and SUS
(1) Precision cutting
(2) Precision plating and can making