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Latest update: 21/05/2021 11:23:39

Ishida Co., Ltd.

We engage in the manufacture and sales of automatic machines for measuring, testing, packaging, packing and printing for food manufacturing factories.

We manufacture automatic machines for food manufacturing factories, primarily for measurement, as well as for the processes before and after measurement, such as transport and packaging.  We also engage in the design, manufacture, and sale of equipment for lunch box and side dish factories, nonfood manufacturing factories, retailers, and distribution centers.

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Product introduction
Combination weighing machine
We can measure products with diverse sizes and shapes at high speed, in certain amounts. Ishida Co., Limited’s “combination measuring apparatus (computer scale),” which uses its world-first combination measuring method technology, significantly contributes to automation and manpower reduction by performing high-precision measuring of up to 0.5g ~ 1.0g at a maximum speed of 210 times per minute.
Automatic weighing machine
Stable and high-precision measurement is available. We provide general-purpose measurement equipment with a focus on ease of use, and a variety of other measuring tools, suited to objects, such as granulated powder, liquids, and small leaks, for which the automation of processing was difficult.
It is possible to transport products by slowly sending them forward on a trough and repeating a horizontal movement to quickly pull it back.
Compared with vibration conveyers and belt conveyers, which previously were the mainstream of transport conveyers, this enables the reduction of gaps at conveyer joints, reduces damage to products and achieves loss-less transportation.