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Hi-tech with thoroughly old-school artisans that support Monozukuri craftsmanship

We value our customers, and use both retro and high tech to realize their requirements. And by continuing trials and errors with our customers without giving up 
to offer them optimal proposals.


Sales Pitch

Main products: Power supply monitoring equipment for power infrastructure, chlorine dioxide gas generators for sterilization, for pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, and hotels
Can also be used as a bacterium/virus/mold/sterilizer/deodorant device
Chlorine dioxide gas has strong oxidative power, and changes the molecular structures of proteins that constitute virus and germs by oxidizing them. As a result, the functionality of virus and germs is reduced. Suitable for virus elimination, sterilization, disinfection, antifungal measures, enabling sterilization of the air at low concentration.
We perform EMS for electronic devices.
We develop, design and manufacture your desired equipment.
Our services range from mechanism design, electronic circuit design to software development, and will meet your requirements in performance, functions, prices and delivery.

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