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Arake Production Design Co., Ltd. offers jig design, production design, machine design, electrical design, and control software

We are a company that provides support for manufacturing from the specifications creation stage to ensure products that meet the requirements and embody the ideas of our customers. We design and manufacture the jigs and dedicated equipment that are required for everything from the prototype stage to the production.

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Introduction of business content and product/technology outline
Business content/features
Our main businesses are jig equipment, production design, and machine design. We can provide a wide range of support, such as 2D detailed design + process inspection drawing creation from 3D design models, 3D design model to 2D detailed design + process inspection drawing creation based on specifications, 3D design model to production launch installation work based on specifications, and consulting work on effective design work and making production lines more efficient to reduce costs. We offer consulting work that meets the needs of our customers’ monozukuri craftsmanship, such as rubber resin die molding, quality, cost, productivity, and improvement and reform activities in related areas.
Features of main products and technologies
We offer various types of tracer work such as drawing tracer work to make 2D production drawings + inspection drawings and design work, based on 3D detailed design models of jig equipment and dedicated mechatronics equipment supplied by our customers. In addition, we perform design, production and installation, and startup, such as 3D model concept design + 3D detailed design + production drawing + inspection drawing + production + installation and setup, based on specifications of jig equipment and dedicated mechatronics equipment supplied by our customers. The flow of design work has traditionally been the one wherein orders flow to the machine design office from major manufacturers and small- to medium-size manufacturers. We have prepared a dedicated cloud server system and dedicated remote desktop system to enable timely information sharing, which allows us to handle business quickly, efficiently, and securely. In the electrical design field, we conduct CAD symbol-creation work for electrical diagrams, electrical control design, and software controls.
Message from the representative (Efforts to develop future sales channels, intention to utilize J-GoodTech)
In responding to customer requests in the monozukuri market, we work on providing a service that builds a relationship based on trust by adapting to our customers’ requirements and doing so rapidly and at low cost. In our design and production business, we fully utilize 3D CAD and IT to make designs efficiently and respond to our customers’ needs reliably and at low cost, and we develop and accumulate technology to give back to our customers. With regard to areas of customer concerns and cost improvements, from the viewpoint of the site and inventory of monozukuri-related business, we would appreciate your support for our consulting work for business reform and improvement activities. We promote management by consensus and strive to increase the value of the company.