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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:18

Fuji Ceramics Corporation.

Specialized manufacturer of piezoelectric ceramic materials and sensors that put piezoelectric ceramics to use

We develop and manufacture piezoelectric elements, piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric sensors, and products for piezoelectric applications. We manufacture sensors, specializing in piezoelectric ceramics such as aerial ultrasound sensors, accelerometers, and force sensors.

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Piezoelectric ceramics
Products using piezoelectric phenomena and ultrasound, which have been known for a long time, are used in our daily lives and in an extremely diverse range of fields from medical and automobiles to industrial. Piezoelectric ceramics are not something you would normally see with your own eyes, however, because piezoelectric ceramics with various uses convert electricity into pressure, electrical output that generates distortion, expansion and contraction that generate electrical input, and the properties that mutually convert these, are used. Through our integrated process, from research and development to manufacturing, we select from an extensive range of material groups for piezoelectric ceramics and offer elements that are suitable for numerous uses.
Piezoelectric element product group
We can manufacture in various shapes, such as columnar shapes, semicircular shapes, square sheet shapes, prismatic shapes, annular shapes, cylindrical shapes, spherical shapes, gutter shapes, laminated elements, composite elements, and other special shapes.
Piezoelectric application product group
A group of assembled products that are integrated with other materials or have casings designed for the use of piezoelectric elements.
[Aerial ultrasonic sensors]
Ultrasound waves are emitted in the air, and the sensor receives the waves reflected from the object, determining whether an object is present, and measuring the distance to the object. Even transparent objects reflect ultrasound waves, and this can be applied in cases where detection by light is not possible. We provide sensors for a wide range of sensors for dedicated transceiver use and multiuse.
[Langevin oscillator]
This enables high-voltage and high-amplitude driving, a frequently used and powerful use for ultrasonic waves. We have a lineup of max input 100-W and 200-W types.
[Oscillator Atomizer]
When the ultrasound wave energy from a piezoelectric element increases, its central sound pressure concentrates with a certain directionality. The principle of atomization by ultrasonic waves involves this power raising the water surface and generating a column of water, causing the aqueous film at the edges of the water column to separate, releasing the mist-like fine particles into the air. We provide dedicated oscillators with excellent durability against high frequencies and high power.
[Bimorph oscillator]
The bimorph oscillator is a flexible oscillator made by joining two piezoelectric ceramic elements that expand and contract along its longitudinal axis so that when one expands, the other contracts. However, when a bending force is applied, an electric field that matches the force can be output. Many oscillators have a number of normal modes in the audible range, and these are used as high-sensitivity acoustic sensors and ON-OFF drive bending actuators.
Piezoelectric sensor group
In terms of sensing sensors, we have a group of products comprising various inspection heads. You can select the sensor head according to the inspection target.
[Acceleration sensors]
Our sensors are used in vehicles such as automobiles and trains, electrical products such as PCs and audio devices, and in electrical components used in such devices, industrial equipment, various plants, foundations and buildings, and even for sensing the movement of people.
[AE sensors]
Acoustic emission is a phenomenon in which the sound that is generated when a solid body becomes deformed or is destroyed are emitted as elastic waves, which are detected by an AE sensor and nondestructively evaluated, which is referred to as AE. AE occurs in conjunction with the development and progression of small deformations and ultrafine cracks long before destruction, and by capturing AE activity, it is possible to detect and predict defects and destruction of materials and structures.
[Force sensors]
Force sensors are a washer-shaped load cell that use the piezoelectric effect of crystals. The sensors are capable of measuring from ultrasmall to large loads.



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