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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:27

Toyota Kogyo Co., Ltd.

We have equipment that can be used for mass production!

We are confident in our competitive turnaround times and the quality of our products.

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Sales Pitch

Business description and an overview of products and technology
Description and features of business
We mainly perform metal processing and manufacture automobile transmissions, power steering parts, unit parts of motor-assisted bicycles, and motorcycle gears. We give shape to customers’ ideas mainly by metal processing. Our products are accomplishments of unique and advanced technology and skills. We have an extensive track record of four- and two-wheel vehicles so we can manufacture products that meet customer requirements by using technology and knowhow we have accumulated. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Overview of main products and technology
With respect to equipment, we have NC lathes, MCs, centering machines, milling machines, hydraulic press machines, hand press machines, three-dimensional measuring instruments, shape measuring instruments, and roundness measuring instruments. We can manufacture products that meet customers’ requirements in one-stop services because we can perform a wide range of processing. We manufacture both large- and low-volume products to meet customer needs.
Representative’s message (efforts for developing marketing channels, utilization of J-GoodTech, and others)
We are striving for “Processes in which defective products are not manufactured, received and sent” as a team. We perform strict quality management in all processes including those of logistics and delivery to customers. We provide quality that fulfils customer’s expectations.

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