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You can find proud artisans here.

What is WEST-STYLE? What type of company is it? What do they do? We offer amazement and professionalism to every customer who is curious about us.  We offer thoroughly professional support to ensure the happiness of every customer we work with. 

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Introduction of business content and an outline of products/technology
Business content/characteristics
We conduct many types of construction. We are capable of a diverse range of construction-related work, including: store design and construction/new constructions/all types of reform/solar power/all types of interior/exterior work/design and construction of ditches/painting/design and construction of wooden decks/ ceiling construction/planting/gardening/aluminum work/installation of various facilities. Moreover, our affiliated company conducts sales of solar power. We can accommodate the diverse needs of our customers in one stop. 
Overview of the main products and technologies
Our Roof Umbrellas provide heat prevention in summer, heat retention and condensation prevention in the winter, and year-round electricity savings. Roof Umbrella is a completely new heat-shielding and thermal-insulation system developed for folded-plate metal roofs. It is effective for heat prevention in summer and for heat retention and condensation prevention in winter. Furthermore, it helps you to save electricity throughout the year. It is compatible with fitting-type roofs, prefabricated buildings, and unit houses, and it can be installed on many types of roofs. 
Message by a representative (Initiatives for future market development and intensions on how to utilize J-GoodTech).
Our policy is to be a team of professionals.  As each member of our staff is a proud artisan, they always treat our customers with honesty and perform their tasks with care. The objects we make are for protecting people and making them happy. Thus, we insist on seeing things from our customers' perspectives and perform our tasks with honesty and without compromise.  As our products will be used by our customers for a long time, we insist on crafting products that meet their wishes so that they can be used safely and with comfort.  We create the warmth, kindness and comfort our customers imagine.  We offer thoroughly professional support to ensure the happiness of every customer we work with. 

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