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Would you be interested in utilizing timbers with “wood that can be bent” and “hard wood?”

Using compression molding processes for timbers, we produce “bendable wood” and “hard wood.” 
For plastic substitutes. With the “bendable wood,” which gives the user a sense of wonder, and the “hard wood,” which improves the strength and texture of wood, there will be more possibilities for the application of wood.

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Compressed wood
"Bending tree" LIGNOFLEX
LIGNOFLEX is a material produced by applying special compression forming to wood, which provides flexibility to the wood. It can be curved along the grain.

As we never use chemical agents in compression forming, the original aroma and texture of the wood can be enjoyed.

LIGNOFLEX is used for the covers of personal organizers, shoehorns, and smartphone cases.

LIGNOFLEX is patented and can be applied to domestically produced wood (japanese cedar).
"Hard wood" LIGNOTEX
LIGNOTEX is a material produced by hardening wood through compression forming.

The deep color brought about by the heat applied during the compression forming and densified growth rings make the material look luxurious.
The density and strength of the material can be changed by applying varying compression rates.

Compressed wood is generally used for floor materials and furniture; however, we apply LIGNOTEX to audio speaker enclosures and golf club putter heads.

Japanese cypress and cedar timbers are used for LIGNOTEX.



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