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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:33

Onimaru Setsuzan Kamamoto Co., Ltd.

Expanding the possibility of manufacturing

Toho-mura, a rare place in the world where all kinds of natural materials required for pottery production are locally obtained. To make use of the merits of the natural materials, we inherited traditional techniques, and now, we produce products that reflect the current and future needs. We have been holding one-man exhibitions not only in Japan, but also other countries especially in Paris, France, to convey the beauty of the Takatori Yaki and the charm as well as possibilities of crafts. While assisting developing countries, we engage in natural environment protection activities and convey how to utilize natural materials (traditional techniques).

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Sales Pitch

Fragrant Cups
The fragrance changes the taste.
The Fragrant Cups we produce make full use of the characteristics of the natural earthen breastwork of the Takatori Yaki and can provide unprecedented flavor by enriching and mellowing the flavor of the drinks poured into them or of the food arranged in them. The particles of the earthen breastwork of the Takatori Yaki adequately disperse. The good balance of the particles improves ventilation. The improved ventilation intensifies fragrance. The very fine particles achieve a smooth texture with your mouth even though the Cup is thin. The shapes of the Cups are designed to centralize fragrance. The Cups are special vessels thanks to their feel, as if they were tea bowls but with a comfortable weight. At the recently held G20 Summit Meetings held in Fukuoka, the Cups were chosen as souvenirs for the representatives of each country. Furthermore, we received orders for the Cups from the Imperial Household Agency. The Cups are very popular among restaurants and shops in and outside Japan and was introduced in the TV program "Ippin (treasured articles)" of NHK. We have obtained a design registration for the Cups.

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