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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:32

Shibya Syokuhin Co., Ltd.

Deliciousness created from the ground

We are a snack manufacturer which is committed to potatoes as well as deliciousness and which pays attention to potato cultivation.

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Our flagship product: Imo-kenpi 
Since our foundation, we have been using carefully selected ingredients and have been sincerely committed to traditional as well as simple snack production. In a nutshell, the ingredients of Imo-kenpi are potatoes, oil, and sugar. Therefore, we are especially committed to the deliciousness, freshness, safety, and security of potatoes which are the main ingredient.
In addition, "Kogane Sengan", the Spanish potatoes used for Imo-kenpi, are suitable for potato snacks. It contains a lot of starch, and a large quantity of it is harvested. Therefore, it is called the king of Spanish potatoes. To obtain high-quality and fresh Spanish potatoes, we built a production site in Kagoshima, where Kogane Sengan is cultivated, to establish a production system for obtaining, processing, and managing freshly harvested Kogane Sengan. The Kagoshima Factory produces nearly half of the Imo-kenpi sold all over Japan.
Flagship products: Sweet potatoes and ingredients of snacks as well as bread  
We mainly sell sweet potatoes which are sweets made from Spanish potatoes. We also sell pastes made of Spanish potatoes, which are ingredients of potato cakes, bread, cakes, etc., and diced Spanish potatoes. In particular, the sweet potatoes made by patented production processes have a rich Spanish potato taste. They are favored thanks to their moist and rich taste, are selling in high demand in convenience stores as well as chain coffee shops all over Japan, and are favorably used for school lunches. The Spanish potatoes mainly used for the above products are "Satsuma Kintoki" produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. Satsuma Kintoki and Naruto Kintoki (another popular potato) belong to the same family. Satsuma Kintoki tastes sweet and is suitable for sweets.
Shops: Imoya Kinjiro, potato shops
"Imoya Kinjiro", stores specializing in potato snacks, is a name from the founder of Shibuya shokuhin Co., Ltd., Kinjiro Shibuya. The freshly fried Imo-kenpi is so delicious it may touch your heart. With a desire to provide the fresh deliciousness of Imo-kenpi, Imoya Kinjiro shops produce and sell Imo-kenpi in them. To provide consumers with only "fresh Imo-kenpi" which have been fried within 12 hours, it is sold exclusively in Imoya Kinjiro.
In addition to selling Imo-kenpi, Imoya Kinjiro shops deal with potato snacks and sweets that are available only in the shops. The snacks and sweets include gift sets of Imo-kenpi, cakes made from Spanish potatoes, Imoya original soft ice creams, baked goods from potatoes, and Chocolate-kenpi that is available for a limited time only.

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