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Latest update: 14/11/2019 12:51:00

Tokai Medical Products, Inc

Micro Catheter, Guiding Balloon Catheter, Leading Manufacturer in Japan

First producer of IABP (In the Aorta Balloon Pumping) balloon catheter in Japan. Designed for small body size, no hurt blood vessels, no complications, no balloon accident.
Our technology is now expanding to whole body, such as PTCA balloon catheter for coronary artery, PTA balloon catheter, micro catheter for liver, occlusion catheter for cerebrovascular/aorta treatments.

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Sales Pitch

Tokai Micro Catheter
Features of Tokai Microcatheter
• Excellent Selective Performance
• Amazing High Flow Performance
• Optimal Trackability & Pushability
• Enhanced Radio-opacity
• Embolic Materials Compatibility
• Pre-shaped Tip available
Tokai Balloon Catheter
Features of Tokai Balloon Guide Catheter (Embolic Protection Device)
Tipless balloon reduces risks of vessel dissection.
For Peripheral Intervention: Short length shaft is compatible for other PTA devices.
Features of Tokai PTA Balloon Catheter
・Straight & Curve balloon available
・No step tip provides better trackability and kink resistance
・No coated balloon prevents from slipping during inflation
・Additional bendable point in tip provides improved crossability in tortuous vasculature or anastomotic site

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