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Latest update: 21/04/2022 13:45:50


We are a professional in solving problems related to pig raising and chicken farming.

We sell fertilizer and feed that effectively utilize bacteria or enzymes. We provide materials and methods for producing secure, safe, and tasty foodstuffs. In Shikoku and South Kyushu of Japan, we have made many achievements in providing fermentation beds for pig raising and air refreshers, both of which utilize natto bacteria.

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Sales Pitch

Rakuto Harness 21
Mixing 0.2% (2-3 kg per ton) of Rakuto Harness 21 with feed regulates the functions of the intestines of pigs or chickens, which is expected to prevent diarrhea or loose stools, control bad smells as well as toxic gas, and improve the rearing environment.
Aqua Wish
This product is neutral active chlorine and effective against viruses, bird flu, and so on. 
The merit of this antiseptic solution is user-friendliness. We have seen to it that the constituents of the solution are safer than those of the former product.
Other products
<Stockbreeding-related products>
Natto bacteria. For healthier intestines.
-Rakuto Premix
Natto bacteria, enzymes, and zeolite. For appetite improvement.
-Albio 28
Powdered alcohol and lactic acid
-Pro Bio Clif
Lactic acid, natto bacteria, and yeast fungi. Liquid agent for removing malodor.
-Hanasaki Zin
Plum pulp extract for the health of livestock
-Brown sugar
Bacteria feed
<Agriculture-related products>
-Dena Gross
Decomposes cellulose to make the soil softer
-Camellia oil cake
Organic fertilizer