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Latest update: 25/02/2022 13:37:45

Oga Inc.

Designing, producing, and selling sensor systems employing technologies for electrostatic capacitance sensors

Utilizing technologies for electrostatic capacitance sensors as our core technologies, we design, produce, and sell various sensor systems the core technologies of which are technologies for electrostatic capacitance sensors and an example of which is data entry devices. We independently developed pressure sensors which are expected to be possibly used in the medical care and welfare fields. 

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Product introduction
Ultra-thin flexible tactile film
Simply affixing the film allows for analog input.
Ultra-thin electrostatic capacitance type tactile sensor head that can be affixed to a curved surface. It can meet various needs required of data input devices including tactile sensors for robots and analog gamepads.
Product configuration
This product is composed of a tactile film (sensor) and a dedicated signal processing board.   
Many tactile films can be connected to one signal processing board (up to 18 films/single axis type).
We are ready to provide a set composed of a tactile film and a dedicated IC. 
We separately introduce a "key top shape" that allows the pressure sensing part of the tactile film to be more effectively pressed.
The tactile film is an FPC cable with 0.5-mm pitch.
We assist clients in designing surrounding mechanisms for embedding the sensor.
Developing electronic components/devices on a contract basis and providing consulting services
We develop various products on a contract basis by utilizing our wealth of experience in fields such as circuit design, mechanism design, embedded software, and host applications.
We are eager to undertake the development of sets of customized sensors such as electrostatic switches and touch panels.
We are able to develop not only electrostatic sensors, but also resistance sensors and piezoelectric sensors.

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