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Basara Ltd.

Our corporate philosophy is “We do not search for right answers. We create them.” We aim for design that responds to customers’ feelings and communicates their intentions as a design/planning and production company.

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“SHORT BOX”: video message services for showing your appreciation to everyone
What is the “SHORT BOX”?
“SHORT BOX” is video message services. At a wedding party, guests read a QR code attached to their place card or the welcome board to watch a video message from the bride and groom. 

“SHORT BOX” has been mainly used as a new method for dramatic impact at wedding parties. 
Up to five types of video messages can be created for wedding parties with a base fee. You can create more than one video so that you can communicate specific video messages to individual guests. 
About 50 couples have used this service mainly in Okayama, our local area. We have received feedback from brides and grooms, such as “We enjoyed considering messages, their dramatic impact and shooting collaboratively” and have also received feedback from guests, such as “I was glad to receive a message” and “I was surprised when they suddenly talked to me in the video.” “SHORT BOX” has the great element of surprise. 

You can use not only videos but also photos for “SHORT BOX.” 
Send us two photos and four messages (up to 36 characters for each) or five photos and two messages (up to 36 characters for each) to communicate your messages by slide shows. 
You can use your photos including those of your childhood that show your development for communicating your appreciation to your parents. You can also uses photos of the two of you including those you took at around the time when you started dating and those you took recently to show slide shows of your happy days to guests.
Unique messages as a gift!
It is always nice to send a message to someone who has been a great help to you. 
In such a situation, if you send images and voices that show how you are doing well, the person receiving them will be happy to see and hear them. For example, you can express your appreciation to your mother when you give her a present, although it is usually difficult for you to do it face-to-face, and you can also send your video to your grandfathers and grandmothers to show how you have grown up. 

Videos for “SHORT BOX” will not be deleted so you can play them at any time. 
Therefore, people who receive the messages can enjoy the moment when they received them many times.
Various ways of using it for business purposes!
“SHORT BOX” is useful in introducing products that need a complicated operating method. 
Shoot a scene in which the product is actually operated and send us the video. We will create a video for product introduction. 
We can subtitle and edit it. 

You can use the video for product introduction and as a sales tool. 
“SHORT BOX” can be used for various business purposes such as public relations activities of companies, messages from producers, information about stores, and employee training manuals. 
Videos are easily understood by people who are from countries other than Japan and are not good at Japanese. Therefore, videos can be used for tourist information, attraction of attention, descriptions of operating method, and other purposes. 

All you need to do to use “SHORT BOX” for “shows” (“attractions”) is to attach a QR code. 
You can emphasize differences and attractiveness by changing transmission of information by things to be read (burdensome) to that to be watched (easy-to-understand method). 

Our website for “SHORT BOX”:
AI can select only excellent photos from many photos. “Digest Album” to organize your memories
What is a “Digest Album”?
“Digest Album” is a service in which excellent photos are selected from many photos by AI to create a high-quality album. 

To use “Digest Album,” all you need to do is to send your photos to us. No cumbersome procedure is required to order it. This service is helpful when you need to organize an old photo album or printed photos to get your affairs in order before your death or organize a person’s belongings after his/her death as well as many digital photos in a digital camera or smartphone. 

We deliver media containing data created using all of your printed photos together with “Digest Album.” Photos that were not selected by AI are also contained in the media, so you can safely dispose of the old album. We can also respond to requests for only creation of data. (We submit a quotation as needed) 

We return all of your photos to you after creation of “Digest Album.” If you request us to dispose of the photos, we will be responsible for disposing of them. In that case, we can provide a memorial service called “Otakiage” (disposal services by a temple or Shinto shrine). (Additional cost: 500 yen per album)
“AQUEM”: photo selection system using AI
“AQUEM” is a dedicated system for “Digest Album.” We jointly researched and developed “AQUEM,” a photo selection system using AI, with Okayama Prefectural University, which has a strong research record related to images and videos. 

Aesthetic levels are included in scores. Photos are not only selected according to whether a person in a photo looks good or not but also selected based on the overall attractiveness by judging smiles, compositions, clearness, and others. 
The finish of “Digest Album” is supervised by a designer to create an album of especially nice photos. 

* Aesthetic levels mean a quantified standard for arts and forms. 

● Evaluation of photos based on aesthetic levels
AI learns to evaluate photos based on human beings‘ sensibilities. 
We have improved the accuracy of automatic selection based on so-called “insutabae (looking great on Instagram),” which means whether a person in a photo looks good or not, since 2017. 

● Detection of a target person (a lead character) using the degree of similarity 
Changes in a person’s face a person’s face are checked and the person can be identified even after the person gets older. 

● Judging whether a person in a photo looks good or not
Whether a person in a photo looks good or not is judged by “absolute characteristics” such as the size of his/her face, a position (composition), a direction, adjustment to light, facial expressions, how the person’s body looks, and hidden parts, as well as “relative characteristics” such as the number of other persons and the size of other persons’ faces. 

The following is a dedicated web page for “Digest Album”:

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