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What our milk can do for the next generation.

In order to create a stage where our milk can shine, our farm in Kumamoto prefecture uses feeding management and genetic improvements to produce milk with special characteristics right from fresh, including milk enriched with omega-3 fatty acids and beta casein A2 milk.

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Functionality, perfectionism, health, safety and peace of mind. For people who are looking for additive-free yoghurt. Suitable for gifts.
For people concerned about healthy food, and people looking for gifts for them
2017: Highest Award at the JAPAN MADE BEAUTY AWARDS 
2017: Most votes in the Team Chef Contest
2017: Gold Medal in the OMOTENASHI SELECTION
2017: Grand Prix at the Japan's Treasure Grand Prix Kumamoto
2018: Certified as a Driving Company for the Regional Future
2018: Grand Grand Prix of the Undiscovered Gems of Japan Grand Prix (for Japanese foods) 
2018: Second Place in the Undiscovered Gems of Japan Grand Prix (for world foods)
2018: Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Sixth Industry Award
-Characteristics of our yoghurt-
(1) Omega 3-forified Jersey milk is used.
Omega 3 fatty acid: is proven to be effective against aging, metabolic syndrome, and circulating fat. We use fresh Jersey milk which is additive-free and which contains rich amounts of omega 3 fatty acids (unsaturated fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic acid and EPA).
(2) Creamy top
We produce the yoghurt without damaging the milk fat. A layer like cream cheese is formed on top of the yoghurt. 
(3) Aging
We apply a maturing process. In its freshly produced state, the yoghurt is milky and tastes sweet. Gradually lactic acid bacteria propagate, maturing the yoghurt and producing an acidic taste and flavor. 
(4) Additive-free
The yoghurt is made using only raw milk milked in our stock farm and beet sugar produced in Japan.
(Beet sugar: The only type of sugar that warms human bodies. In addition, it contains a lot of oligosaccharides and nutrients for the lactic acid bacteria which regulate intestinal flora.) 



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