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Latest update: 31/08/2021 13:22:08

Fusion Co., Ltd.

We help you with everything related to direct marketing!

We are a comprehensive marketing service provider engaged in consulting, research and analysis, and design and creation, all based on direct marketing as our pillar.

We propose support with a system for undertaking all tasks related to direct marketing, ranging from strategy development to purchase data analysis, creative production, and effectiveness measurement.

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Consulting and planning
We aim to build lasting relationships as a marketing partner for our clients.

Our approach to consulting is to take a fulfillment approach, from data-based analysis of the present situation to KPI development, policy implementation, and effect verification.

Marketing is not an end in itself.

We help you adapt to your quickly changing business environment by implementing the PDCA cycle through planning and consulting based on measurable data.
Analytics and research
Data-based analysis is essential in direct marketing.

Data that are measurable and collected can be verified for their effectiveness and optimize marketing with the help of data science and data engineering.

Accumulated big data cannot be left idle.
We use data science to find the best solutions.

Our analytics and research link data to business regardless of the dimension of the issue involved, from the top management's idea of how to count the entire company to the front-line marketer's question of "what to tell, and who to tell it to."

To that end, we use all kinds of data, such as POS data, ID-POS data and other purchase data, GIS-assisted map data, home economics surveys, basic resident register and other basic statistical data, marketing research-based questionnaire data, and unstructured text data accumulated in Twitter and call centers. 

Based on our ability to think logically and express data, we have mastered the operation of databases and GIS software, conventional methods such as questionnaire design and actual survey know-how, and methods for collecting and analyzing qualitative information in the field such as store comparisons (competitive research), and we are ready to make accurate proposals.

Data itself is just a means to an end.

We believe that what clients want and value from us is hypothesis building backed by data, management of strategies and measures derived from the hypothesis, measurement of effectiveness and suggestions for next actions, and support for the promotion of a series of projects.
Creativity is essential in capturing the feelings of customers.

Beyond data-based analysis, we need to consider the best way to communicate with customers.

We select the best tools from all approaches and produce creativity that enhances customer engagement, from direct mail and websites, and also from flyers and product packages.

Moreover, we function as a one-stop creative center, taking care of everything from campaign planning to operation.