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Latest update: 03/03/2020 11:09:33

i Smart Technologies Corporation

Production line remote monitoring service

Information required on site, such as production volume and downtime, can automatically be detected and visualized in real time. We provide production line remote monitoring services that increase production efficiency through "plant IoT" without the need to replace any of the machines currently being used. 
We attach sensors to the equipment currently being used in the plant. The detected data is analyzed by a cloud system that is accessible via a dedicated website. 
Your employees can check real-time information such as downtime, production volume, and time required for producing one product in the production line with a smartphone, PC, etc.

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Sales Pitch

IoT through existing equipment
(1) Visualizing the operation of the production line
(2) Allowing employees to easily check the operation conditions with a smartphone or tablet
(3) Allowing remote employees to check the conditions in real time
(4) Revealing the "time required for producing one product" and "number of products" that can be produced in one hour
(5) Allowing your company to use the visualized data for "improvement activities"
Practical accomplishment
In ASAHI TEKKO CO., LTD. which manufactures car parts, our IoT system drastically increased the speed of improvement activities. In 80 production lines, output was improved by 34%, on average, per hour, and capital investment was reduced by about 400 million yen. Furthermore, labor costs of about 100 million yen or higher have been reduced every year.

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