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Latest update: 10/03/2020 13:40:22

Fujisawakiki K.K.

We wish to continue to create “valuable things” for customers. We “give shape” to such purpose.

We aim for business stability by producing attractive products using reliable technology we have accumulated over many years. We also aim to create new value by providing solutions making full use of data.

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Business description and an overview of products and technology
Description and features of business
We have processed and assembled parts related to nuclear power and explosion-proof parts for more than 40 years. They are used for products that have naturally strict safety requirements. Therefore, their parts are required to be high-quality and high-precision. We excel in processing of various materials such as special metal (titanium, NT alloy, etc.) and resin (plastic, Teflon, etc.) as well as metal (aluminum, iron, etc.). In addition to processing, we also provide parts and products for “procurement of materials ➡ processing ➡ coating ➡ assembly.” We will further strive to respond to customer requirements, using traditional technology and experience we have accumulated over 65 years since we started our business as well as new equipment and technology.
Overview of main products and technology
With respect to system development and data utilization, we provide laboQube, a data utilization system for small factories. Operators input daily operations (daily report) and data can be analyzed from various aspects and utilized. Additionally, this system provides support for objectively making judgments using “data and figures” without relying on feeling or instinct, such as organizing parts according to their cost rate.
Representative’s message (efforts for developing marketing channels, utilization of J-GoodTech, and others)
Akihito Ando, our first president, started our business in September 1952 and our company played a leading role in the industry in Fujisawa in the postwar period. The Japanese era name was changed to Heisei and our business has changed according to the changing times. Stainless steel was added to materials we process and now we are working on difficult-to-machine materials. I became the third president in July 2000 and our company has done business with the Azbil Group, Ebara Corporation, Furukawa Techno Material Co., Ltd., and several other companies. We are striving to improve our processing technology, taking advantage of characteristics of materials. Our processing of difficult-to-machine materials is particularly highly evaluated in terms of technology.

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