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Latest update: 26/01/2022 13:12:43

Monatec Co.,Ltd.

As for the manufacturing of connectors and automobile parts, we have advantages in capabilities for quality assurance, delivery date management, and cost management. We have also entered other business fields to propose solutions for social issues.

We engage in various businesses which include manufacturing connectors and automobile parts, developing, producing, as well as selling Fine Grid Heat Pipes (FGHP), and selling ultra-bright/high light intensity LED lamps.

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[Company outline]
[Main business: Manufacturing connectors and automobile parts]
Manufacturing connectors
We mainly manufacture wire harness connectors for automobiles. In assembly processes, we mainly use manually operated jigs. For the manufacturing of some products, we started using automatic devices. Since certain types of connectors involve human lives, and since quality requirements for their functions are high, we are endeavoring to maintain and improve their quality by mainly performing careful visual inspection and additionally inspecting the connectors with magnifiers or image processors incorporating a CCD camera.  
Manufacturing automotive parts
We mainly manufacture decorative parts for vehicle interiors including vehicle interior lights. Since the decorative parts are often directly seen by users, and since appearance quality requirements for them are high, a staff worker is strictly responsible for managing the processes from assembly to packaging, and then another staff worker checks the processes and products, so as to guarantee product quality. For the manufacturing of some products, we started using automatic devices.
[New businesses: Developing, producing, as well as selling Fine Grid Heat Pipes (FGHP), and selling ultra-bright/high light intensity LED lamps incorporating FGHP (FGHP lamps)]
We handle the "MIRAC-LED (miracle)" series, LED lamps which incorporate FGHP and are produced by Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd. The MIRAC-LED lamps, which are ultra-bright/high light intensity lamps, emit uniform light with high color rendering properties.
*Features of MIRAC-LED lamps     
Single plane light source: The high-power COB light source (*1) developed by Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd. illuminates distant areas with uniform and powerful light.  
High-performance heat dissipation system: Thanks to natural convection heat dissipation (original technology), the lamps emit highly intensive light even though their light emitting area is small.
No multiple shadows: Since the lamps have a single plane light source, they emit uniform and high-quality light.
High color rendering properties: People regard neutral white with a color temperature of 5,000 K as a color which is very close to that seen under sunlight.
[Message from the CEO] Our missions are to solve environmental problems and to create a sustainable future. By carrying out these activities, we would like to contribute to addressing both economic development and social problems in Japan.
Through our experience in manufacturing automotive connectors, we have nurtured capabilities for quality assurance, cost management, and delivery date management. We would like to be a company that provides these advantages, that makes customers and client companies happy, and that makes further progress no matter what. Furthermore, we started new businesses to sell LED lamps and to manufacture as well as sell Fine Grid Heat Pipes (FGHP). The LED lamps are ultra-bright and high light intensity lamps developed with the excellent technology of Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd. In addition, we manufacture and sell "FGHP" used for the light source of the LED lamps. An "FGHP" is a substrate with the world's highest thermal conductivity and can drastically decrease the surface temperature of devices, especially those with high calorific value. We look forward to receiving inquiries or orders from your company.

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