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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:17

CHUON Co.,Ltd.

We are “a company that creates the food of future.”

We are a food processing company that supplies cut and cooked root vegetables and processed seasonal specialty products such as chestnuts and bamboo shoots from Ehime Prefecture to supermarkets and convenience stores around Japan. 

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Business content
We are investing our energy in the development of new products, including chestnut astringent-coat polyphenol, Mannan “panko” (bread crumbs), and microbial inoculants for organic JAS.  
We conduct joint development with municipalities, universities, and major pharmaceutical companies. 
FNR domestic vegetable products
Pre-cut processed vegetables made from Japanese root vegetables.  A time-saving product that is pre-peeled and pre-cut.  We offer both single vegetables and mixed vegetables.
Chestnut products
We use Japanese chestnuts from Japan, South Korea and China and have set up a system in which supply is ensured regardless of harvest period or changes in yield due to abnormal weather.
Steamed chestnut paste
We use chestnuts from Ibaraki Prefecture. You can enjoy the authentic aroma and flavor of chestnuts with this great product. 
Bamboo shoot products
We offer high-quality bamboo shoots mainly from Ehime Prefecture as well as from Kumamoto and Fukuoka Prefectures.  Unpeeled bamboo shoots, freshly boiled bamboo shoots, and bamboo shoots mixed with rice (with deep-fried tofu from Matsuyama). We offer a seasonal taste of Spring. 
Mannan “panko” (bread crumbs)
By mixing konnyaku extract with bread crumbs, we have reduced oil by 20%. We have created deep-fried dishes that maintain their taste even when they are is reheated. 
Chestnut astringent-coat polyphenol
This food material, developed through joint research with Ehime University's Advanced Research Support Center and Rohto Pharmaceutical, is proven to limit the rise of blood sugar levels in your body. 
We offer contracted processing services
We offer products that maintain the delicious flavor of carefully selected ingredients. You can devise original products that utilize these systems and preparation methods.  Please use our service as support for solving your problems pertaining to taste improvement or cost reduction. 
If you have any questions regarding, for instance, the creation of goods for your own brand using vegetables (mainly root vegetables), chestnuts or bamboo shoots, or about processing your ingredients, feel free to make an inquiry. 
We offer full support for processing. 

Representative processed vegetables
Taro potato/burdock/carrot/Japanese radish/potato/onion

Goods we can process
Chestnut/bamboo shoot/sweet potato/pumpkin

Representative processing method
Chopping, quarter slicing, whole vegetable, shredding, slicing, and paste (chestnut)

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Shikoku Head Office, SMRJ