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Latest update: 28/05/2021 09:31:59

Lightblue Technology Co.,Ltd.

A start-up from Tokyo University, Lightblue Technology

Lightblue Technology introduces cutting-edge AI technology to many industries.  Our great strength is that we can provide highly precise AI solutions with good cost performance in a short time by applying academic research results and our knowledge to businesses. 

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Our strengths and main services, technologies, and products
The advantages of “Lightblue Technology”
1. Advanced technical ability:  
 Using our cutting-edge research environment and talented AI staff, as well as our installations of the latest AI models, we can offer highly precise AI solutions in areas such as image recognition, chronological data analysis, and natural language processing. 
2. Solid cost effectiveness:
 Through detailed initial research before implementation, we are able to verify its cost effectiveness and propose the ideal systems for every case.  

3. Package provision:  
 We offer a package that includes the selection and installation of cameras, network setup, server installation (on-premises/cloud) and AI integration.  We are also capable of customizing everything from system rollout to front-end production.  

4. Helpful support system:
 We offer extensive support for everything from implementation and usage of the AI to its integration into your company's systems.  In addition, we hold seminars and consultations for the training of AI staff and the improvement of their skills. 
 “Lightblue BASE” - Our proprietary development platform that makes AI-introduction easy
 Lightblue BASE is an AI introduction platform that uses Lightblue AI Engine, which is an original AI engine that we have developed. It simplifies providing AI solution services.

[Functions and features of Lightblue BASE] 
Zig-Zag AI SYSTEM: “a system that uses AI to teach AI” 
 Zig-Zag is a teaching data generation system. This system, in which AI teaches other AI, can be used not only during the production of the model but also after its introduction. 
 Owing to the AI that automatically generates its teaching data, its accuracy improves the more it is used, and the functions of the AI are optimized automatically. 
Lightblue Cam: “a product that combines the Zig-Zag AI System with an anomaly detection system.” 
 Lightblue Cam is a system for the quick and efficient introduction of the vison (image recognition) service featured in Lightblue AI Engine. 
 By automatically linking the Lightblue cloud and camera, one can use the machine learning (ML) functions of Lightblue AI Engine irrespective to the location provided there is internet access.  Utilizing this system is possible in many applications, including anomaly-detection systems at factories and customer-type analysis at stores.
 It has become possible to provide an easier introduction to AI by minimizing the cost, the time required, and the risks of implementation.
“Human Sensing AI” that visualizes on-site work content and brings about improvement in work and safety
Lightblue AI Engine "Human sensing AI” (Lightblue Sense)
 “Human Sensing AI” is our in-house developed product that recognizes/analyzes various data taken from humans by combining various AI image recognition technologies, such as behavior recognition, attitude estimation, position estimation, orientation estimation, emotion estimation, and object recognition, and turns them into numerical data/visualizes them by task or personnel, enabling real-time monitoring of the work conditions on a site.
 This product makes management of the on-site workers extremely simple, and allows quick and easy realization of work efficiency and safety improvements. 
 It can be widely used in applications such as improving work at production factories or distribution warehouses, and improving the safety of workers at construction sites. 






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