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We deliver high-precision prototype parts from Tokyo and Fukushima!

We perform high-precision processing of metal parts ranging from light electrical appliance parts to various prototype parts of vehicles as well as motorcycles. We thoroughly manage production processes in our organized factory to deliver products to clients.

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Introduction of our business lineup, product, as well as technology summaries, and other information
Business lineup and merits
Established in 1964, our company has been performing high-precision processing of metal parts ranging from light electrical appliance parts to various prototype parts of vehicles and motorcycles. For quality management, we implement various methods such as measurement in a temperature-controlled room, 3D-coordinate measuring machines exclusively used by designated inspectors, multiple shipping inspections, and attachment of inspection drawings to prevent defective products. In addition, a vertical CNC lathe allows for the processing of a work whose size is up to ø 800 X 500. We can also process difficult-to-machine materials which include not only titanium and magnesium, but also Inconel alloys which only a limited number of processors can process.
Summaries of main products, technologies, and equipment
As for processing technology, we have introduced multiple 5-axis machines because demand for inclined holes, curved surface shapes, etc., has been increasing in recent years. In addition, we have introduced a combined processing machine to process a lot of cylindrically shaped materials undergoing combined machining, and a vertical CNC lathe to process shapes of large diameter flanges. As for inspection, processing workers make efforts to achieve required shapes and sizes, and inspectors must not allow defective products to be delivered to the market. All our employees are committed to quality improvement. As for materials to be processed, we are good at processing titanium and magnesium. The reason behind this is that we can procure these materials from cost-competitive dealers and effectively process them by utilizing our wealth of experience in metal processing.
For matching
Established in 1964, we started processing parts of light electrical appliances. Now, for vehicles and motorcycles, we perform high-precision machine processing of parts under study or development, as well as prototypes. Under our slogan "the foundation of trust", we are committed to thoroughly managing quality, maintaining as well as improving high-precision processing technology, and meeting delivery deadlines, including urgent ones requested by clients. Through these efforts, we have obtained our clients’ trust. We will not be satisfied with the present. By using technologies we have so far nurtured and by developing new processing methods, we will expand the business fields we engage in. Furthermore, we will continuously educate our employees. We will make further efforts to become "the optimum consultant" for clients on matters related to parts processing.



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