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Latest update: 14/09/2020 15:48:17


Yamayo has earned our customers’ trust in length measurement and is expanding into the wider world. 

We are a manufacturer that specializes in devices for measuring length or weight.  From industrial uses to leisure applications such as sports and fishing, our lineup includes a diverse range of tape measures and scales. 

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Accurately measurements to an accuracy of under 1 mm.
Million digital
A tape measure that enables digital measurement and transmission of the results.
This is a digital measure that uses new technologies in fiber tape measures. It can measure up to 2 m, it can be rolled up, and it can send data through Bluetooth. 

[Product benefits]
It eliminates mistakes in reading and recording and uploads the data it records to a computer or smartphone when measurements are taken with the tape measure, which ensures accuracy and increases the speed. It is ideal if you want to manage your measurements with a computer.  This product was developed by a tape measure manufacturer that is known for its precision. 

Measurements of the body for use in fitness or health checks.
Uses in the apparel industry, for instance in measurements for fitting. 
Uses in logistics, for instance in the measuring of packages. 
Million water gauge
A nongrounding, standard type equipped with an adjustment/checking mechanism.  

When the probe at its tip touches the surface of the water, the device will notify you with a buzzer. 
Sensitivity can be adjusted according to the water quality. 
It can run for approximately 24 h continuously on two AA batteries. 
The contact point for water level detection is a gold-plated terminal, which is oxidization resistant. 
The front probe is made of stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion.
The core of the tape is glass fibers and lead wire, and it is coated with lead-free PVC.
Comes with a one-sided, 2mm scale
PENTAX - Total stations
We have realized easy and agile control. 
A short distance total station dedicated to construction surveying.  

A display panel for control is installed on both the front and the back sides. 
The main body is equipped with memory
As well as angle and distance measurement, it is also equipped with application functions, so it can be used for checking traverse piles before construction, from reverse strike measurement to pre-construction management surveying.
The IP56 grade dustproof/waterproof performance protects you from sudden rain. 

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