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Latest update: 07/07/2023 16:18:08

Platec Co., Ltd.

We have accumulated know-how in the field of development and prototyping support by plastic molding. Currently, we have realized a total prototyping system that enables us to handle everything in-house, from 3D data creation to product and master manufacturing by photofabrication and cutting, and replica manufacturing by vacuum casting.

We provide precise support for accelerating new development processes, from short turnaround to cost performance and confidentiality.

We process prototypes for a variety of products in the automotive and medical device industries.
Contact Platec for your resin prototyping needs.

*Please consult with us about the production period, as it depends on our current circumstances.


Sales Pitch

Processing and equipment information
Main items
Photofabrication products
Vacuum cast molded products
NC cutting prototype (plastic)
Processing categories
 Sales of plastic materials
 PVC (polyvinyl chloride), ABS resin, PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene), PMMA (acrylic), PA (nylon/polyamide), PC (polycarbonate), POM (polyacetal), PBT, PPS, PEEK, fluoropolymer, PF (phenol)
Prototype development and low-volume production
 Machining and small lot (from 1 piece), machining (resin), milling (resin), lathing (resin)
 NC machining
 NC milling, 2.5D support, 3D support
 Prototype processing
 Plastic prototyping, photofabrication, small prototype manufacturing, vacuum cast molding
Mass production
 Plastic Molds
 Vacuum molding, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), general purpose material, PMMA (acrylic), engineering plastic, PBT, PPS (polyphenylene sulfide), PI (polyimide), PEEK, fluororesin, thermosetting resin, urethane resin, elastomer, EP (epoxy)
 Urethane rubber
Surface Treatment
 Printing, etc.
 NC engraving
Equipment (manufacturer, type, table size, characteristics, quantity)
Machining: Machining centers
Machining centers
Fanuc Corporation, α-T141iEL, x600 y400 z300, -,1 unit
Machining: Milling machines
NC milling machines
Unknown (unregistered), AE64-2, x1100 y1100 z250, -, 1 unit
Unknown (unregistered), AE64, x550 y400 z200, -, 7 units
Resin/Rubber Processing, RP molding machine
Photofabrication Machines
D-MEC LTD., ACCULAS BA-85S, x800 y800 z500, high-power high-speed modeling machine, 1 unit
<Resin and rubber processing: Resin molding machines>
Vacuum Casters
Unknown (unregistered) / - / - / - / 3 units

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