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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:46

Yamaguchi Robotics Institute

Supporting the differentiation and new development of various products by using the biped walking robot technology

Feel free to consult us if you have an issue with robot machine design (3D), force control, attitude stability control, or industry-academia-government collaborative development.

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Sales Pitch

Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business description
 Technology guidance, robot design, and intellectual property management
Main products
Bipedal walking robot and related technologies
Special notes
● Application fields
Industry, environment, education, arts, health & welfare, medicine, agriculture, and forestry

● Patents
Main inventor and joint holder of about 150 basic technology patents in and outside Japan, concerning biped multi-legged walking and moving objects
Joint developer and joint intellectual property holder of the human-type bipedal walking robot of Sony Corporation

● Representative's profile
Doctor of engineering and many academic awards for "Research concerning the stable walking of bipedal walking robot"
Consignment research based on Fukushima Prefecture's Regional Reconstruction Practical Development Promotion Project (Robot Field) in fiscal 2017 and 2018

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