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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:46

Suzuki Industry Inc.

"Manufacturing using your own hand! Let's think and create together!"

● Design and manufacture: machine design, electric circuit design, all process chart creation, Assy
● Processing: Inconel, super invar, Hastelloy, titanium difficult-to-machine material processing, and complicated deformed shape processing
● Support of developed products: Manufacture of environmental inspection devices, property characteristic inspection devices, experimental devices, and equipment attachments
● Design and manufacture of discontinued parts:  Manufacturing mechanical parts for repairing service

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Sales Pitch

Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business description and features
Cooler parts
Use: In vacuum chamber
・Material: No oxygen inside  Exterior finished manually (0.8S-0.4S)
・Gold plating: 15μm

Space structure parts
Use: Mounting on artificial satellite
・Material: Ti-64AL-4V
・CCD camera temperature sensor plate (0.43t×30×3) obtained from large block (because not marketed)
・Finishing: Gold plating after blasting

Platinum electrode
Use: Tilt table measurement
・Wire diameter: 0.4φ×4, 0.5t×2×10, 20L
・Extraction (handmade)
・Surface lapping after platinum welding
Many others that cannot be introduced here
Outline of main products, technology, and equipment
・ Designing precision sheet-metal products and cabinets
・ Designing machines, such as robots, semiconductor equipment, medical devices, and property characteristics inspection devices
・ Designing and manufacturing various devices
・ Creating jigs for experiments and manufacturing processes

From design to manufacturing, assembling, and adjustment
Vacuum chambers device 
・ Degree of vacuum reached: 5.1×10E-4 Pa
・ Chamber evacuation speed: 6.6E-2㎥, s 
Degree of vacuum actually reached at room temperature: As high as 1.8×10E-5Pa (15h)
This product reproduces the environment of about 210 km high above the ground to test parts in chambers. (The test container is not displayed on this screen.)
Toward matching
Environmental device for experiment outside the atmosphere, property inspection attachment, nonmagnetic castor (out product) for magnetic field measurement, micro gas turbine (MGT), space structure processing, and nanotech positioning device
Single-piece manufacturing at complicated processes

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