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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:39

Technoland Corporation

We support research and other activities by using leading circuit technologies accumulated in the field of particle physics.

Since our establishment, Technoland Corporation has been developing, designing, manufacturing, and selling measuring equipment and signal processing devices for particle physics and cosmic ray physics under an integrated system. Our products have been used by various advanced research organizations for experimentation. We particularly excel at processing ultrahigh-speed single signals from opto-electronic multipliers. We meet requests from any stage, such as OEM, technology provision, product development, and product sales. If you are a company or researcher interested, feel free to consult us.

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Sales Pitch

Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business and main products
[Business description]
Design, manufacture, and sales of electronic equipment and measuring instruments

[Main products]
Time difference measuring devices, micro signal integrators, timing signal generators, high-speed signal processing circuits, radiation measuring equipment, high-speed peak hold circuits, and particle beam detectors (chambers)
High-precision measuring devices
● 32CH fine signal integration device 
This device can measure the electric charge (change of current) of a signal of several nanoseconds wide up to 3000 pico-coulomb with a resolution of 0.75 pico-coulomb.
Data can be read through a USB connector.

● 10CH time difference measuring device
This device can measure the time difference between two input signals up to 200 ms with a resolution of 125 pico-seconds. Ethernet is used to read data through a network.
Detector and other
● Multi Wire Proportional Chamber (MWPC)
● Japan Atomic Energy Agency
 J-PARC Project "Proton beam profile monitor system" (Implemented in 2009)

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