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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:48

Gridmark Inc.

Development-type startup creating new markets with invisible dot code

Invisible dot code GridOnput is new technology for two-dimensional code consisting of minimal dots.

As inter-media connecting paper and digital, GridOnput is applicable to every information service field, such as education, entertainment, medicine, welfare, care, security, physical distribution, sales promotion, advertisement, and online shopping.

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Sales Pitch

Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business and main products
[Business description]
Developing, manufacturing, and selling input devices

[Main products]
Audio pens, electronic stamps, and other scanner products
Features of GridOnput
■ Printing over photos, characters, or illustrations makes them available as icons.
■ About 300 trillion code patterns can be issued in a 2-mm square. X and Y coordinate values can be used and the pen rotation angle and inclination can be detected.
■ Since the code patterns cannot be copied by ordinary copiers, they can be used for authentication and other security purposes.
■ Ordinary four-color printing does not cost more.
(Electronic stamp> G-Stamp
Next-generation electronic stamp with a 10-million code variable ID function

This electronic stamp has a variable ID function, unlike conventional stamps. You need to only touch a DotCode printed on paper to change the ID.  Several services are available with one stamp and smartphone applications.

1) Touch DotCode printed paper to read the code (ID selection).
2) Start up the dedicated portal application on the smartphone. Touch the G-Stamp with the smartphone to send a capacitance code.
3) The cloud certifies information transmitted from the smartphone to complete contents distribution, authentication, and settlement.

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