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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:47

RiNG & LiNK Co., Ltd.

Custom manufacturing to mass production of precision measuring systems, optical sensors, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Since establishment, our company has repeatedly taken on various challenges with an emphasis on technology improvement and know-how accumulation. As such, we were able to successfully become a company that handles measurement, inspection, and database systems in every market. Our software technology born from accumulated machine control solutions is now highly evaluated in the real estate and medical fields.

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Sales Pitch

Business description, and outline of products and technology
Business and main products
[Business description]
Precision machine design and manufacturing, and software development
[Main products]
Precision measuring devices, inspection devices, manufacturing equipment, and package software for realtors and dental clinics
Meet needs for precision devices by high-level machining technology and know-how!
[Core technology, products]
Our company has accumulated technologies through joint development of optical technology and sensor technology with major manufacturers, governmental, and public agencies.
● Applied optical system sensor development
 * Infrared sensors, infrared resist film thickness meters, etc.
● Computer peripherals
 * Pressure and welding pressure measuring devices  *Torque converters
● Related to vacuum applied devices
 * Chamber digging and welding
 * Part processing, component production and device assembling
● Measurement systems and their devices 
 Ultrasonic press-fit devices, wire bonding devices, etc.

[Measurement system and high-performance review device (Example)]
"What is indispensable for precision part inspection (observation) is to enlarged for easy viewing." With an eye on this matter of course, we developed a high-performance review device nit losing to image processing.
Really useful software !
[Real estate sales support software]
* Websites are created for real estate companies. Since property information is interlinked with a database, each website can be updated automatically by single button operation. The software checks property information with conditions requested by customers and immediately signalizes matching information. 
* Implementation at 2,000 stores in 47 prefectures

[Dentist support software]
The software automatically sends emails to patients to confirm reservations,  notify of periodic checks, and give implant and other information in advance to meet customer needs. This email transmission reduces cancellation on the day and treatment stops to improve the repeat rate and gain new customers through word of mouth.

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