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“Soma Optics, the best  partner of optical analysis manipulating light and creating the future!!"

We provide "Wisdom of light" produced by spectroscope.

We can analyze various matter by measuring light and matter interactions. By measuring the strength (spectrum) at each optical wavelength, we are able to understand optical characteristics accurately and evaluate LED and other sources, such as light sources and solar batteries.

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Main products and technology: Features①
Soma Optics'  technology
Analyzing a substance by measuring the interaction of light and matter using spectroscopic technology is possible. We measure the intensity (spectrum) of each wavelength of light to ascertain optical characteristics precisely and conduct an accurate evaluation of LED lamps, light sources, and solar batteries.
Optical measuring instrument
Our company develops and provides spectrometers (monochromators), spectroradiometers, and HPLC depending on the use by the customer through optical analysis and spectroscopic technology as a core.
Spectroscopic measurement system
We can perform various spectroscopic measurements by changing the combination of the spectroscopic technology and measurement system. Based on abundant experiences, Soma Optics manufactures products that meet various customer requests.
Main products and technology: Features ②
Tuna fat content measuring devices
The end of the device is pressed against the cross section of a chopped tuna tail. Then the measurement button is pressed to irradiate light from the lamp. The spectrum of the reflected near-infrared wavelength is measured and the fat in the tuna meat is estimated.
Handheld fluorescence microscope
You can get simple fluorescent images in a field by using your smartphone or a dedicated CCD camera (option). The product does not require AC power because a battery-driven LED of high intensity is used.
Support before and after spectrometer implementation
● Support before implementation: 
When you decide on the purchase of an analytical equipment, we will ask you what you need in addition to operating conditions, then conduct tuning.. We strive to manufacture products according to customer requests.
● Support after implementation: 
For safe and accurate use, spectrometers require periodic maintenance. Being a manufacturer, we have solid technical capabilities. Entrust your after-sales care to us as well.
Business description and product outline
Business description
Manufacture and sales of physicochemical equipment
Main products
Optical equipment, vacuum equipment, analytical equipment, medical examination equipment, image  equipment, and inspection equipment using various sensors
Special notes
● Selected for Advanced Measurement and Analysis Technology and Equipment Development Project by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) in fiscal 2004: Started development
Subleader of "Optical Biopsy System Development Project for Laboratory Animals from fiscal 2004 to 2008
● Certified as a company participating in new partnership "Semi-process Liquid Chromatograph Development and Sales" in February 2007 

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