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Soken Co., Ltd.

"Do the evidences support global expansion?"

 Our company has a proven track record of developing, manufacturing, and selling AC magnetic induction therapy apparatuses for 37 years. In addition, we help you enter the medical equipment industry under the latest research environment at the development laboratory installed within the Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology at Saitama University.

 At the development and research laboratory of Saitama University, we are conducting research on medical equipment using physical energy, as well as magnetic induction therapy apparatuses.
 In the latest research, we evaluated the impacts of AC magnetic field exposure objectively from the physiological reactions of the human body to accumulate evidence. With AC magnetic field exposure to the forearm, we confirmed the ulnar artery blood flow speed. We confirmed that the blood flow rate increased significantly during exposure and decreased significantly after exposure compared with no exposure. Physiologically speaking, blood flow acceleration may have eliminated metabolic wastes and endogenous pain substances immediately from muscle knots and pain sites and eased pain and fatigue.

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Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business and main products
[Business description]
Development, manufacture, and sales of medical devices
[Main products]
Electromagnetic therapeutic equipment
Achievements, etc.,
● Certificate of international quality management system concerning medical devices (ISO13485:2003) in 2005
● Ibaraki Industry Creation Fund in fiscal 2013 : Developed a small  electromagnetic therapy device
● Subsidy Relating to SME Manufacturing, Commerce, and Service Innovation Business in fiscal 2013: Developed an electromagnetic therapy device for pets
Toward matching
 The Development Library in Saitama University is conducting research on the AC magnetic induction therapy apparatus and other medical devices using physical energy.
 In the latest research, the impacts of human physiological reactions were evaluated objectively to accumulate evidence regarding AC magnetic field exposure. According to the research, the blood flow speed in the lunar artery of the forearm significantly increased during AC magnetic field exposure and decreased after, compared with non-exposure. The physiological reaction is considered to promote blood circulation and eliminate metabolic wastes and endogenous pain producing substances from muscle indurations and pain sites immediately, in addition to easing pain and fatigue.

 At the Advanced Institute of Innovative Technology, Saitama University,, evidences about various medical devices (examination and treatment), physical therapy, and exercise therapy will be explained sequentially.
 By All Japan efforts, medical devices born in Japan will be spread to the world. 

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