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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:50

Kowa Industrial Corporation

We conduct inspection and packaging that can't be left to machines carefully by hand using accumulated know-how. 

Kowa Sangyo inspects and packages medical supplies, precision parts, and stationary supplies. Our company has four features:  ① Know-how regarding work management of over 5000 from warehousing to shipping; ② A unique system that includes human support of small-volume production and short-term delivery; ③ A quality management system where 100,000 pieces of medical tape are inspected visually in a day with the medical instrument manufacturing permit; ④ Packaging facilities and human resources for pillow packaging, Blister pack, shrink packaging, etc.
Each of these technologies may not make a deep impression, but their combinations produce unique services.

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Sales Pitch

Distinctive services
Our company inspects and packages fragile glass and resin parts one by one.
Our trained employees work manually with high efficiency, something that cannot be entrusted to machines. Our company has facilities for pillow packaging, shrinking, and heat sealing.
Management system
Work standards, inspection standards, and educational training are important for the inspection and packaging of more than 5,000 items at quick turnaround. We use the inspection room temperature and humidity record sheet and the identification tag in field. In addition, we use the dress code and the room entrance manual for inspection every morning. These management systems exhibit the QCD maintenance effect.
Outline of business, products, and technology
Business description
Package design and manufacturing
Main products
Processing, inspecting, and packaging medical items, masks, stationary items, abrasives, and tape products. Planning, setting, picking, and shipping sales promotion items. Manufacturing and selling resin products.
Toward matching
 Our staff do one job at a time carefully by hand, something that cannot be entrusted to a machine.  This is supported by management systems and educational training.

◆ We have acquired a business license for manufacturing medical devices (14BZ200114) and are expanding our business.

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