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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:50


"From liquid to powder of high added value!"

Our company helps customers achieve their desired quality with pre-processing and post-processing devices under the motto "Engineering of liquid atomization, drying, and particle making." We also actively tackle environmental issues. As a leading company in this field, we are focused on the three technologies of atomization, drying, and particle making to help various customers. We also have an overseas network that is provided to various manufacturing industries.

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Outline of products, technology, and facilities
From liquid to powder <<Spray dryer>>
The spray dryer sprays a liquid raw material into hot air to obtain products of high fluidity instantaneously. We provide customers with products as a leading company in this field. We help you manufacture powdery (particle) products. We have many standard products, but also manufacture ones meeting customer expectations.
Pretreatment device for spray dryer <Emulsification and dispersion device >
This is an emulsifier of a new structure developed as a pretreatment device for spray dryers.
The emulsifier features no clogging even under low pressure and insignificant temperature rise.  Emulsified liquid can be adjusted evenly and stably.
Accepting processing on consignment  <<Powdertech Laboratory>>
Powdertech Laboratory located in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Pref. process powder experimentally as requested by customers and accepts processing orders on consignment. We add our cultivated experiences and know-how in the latest test facilities to make the best proposals for technology progressing every day and for varying customer requests. We welcome you to come and take a look at our devices.
Business description and product outline
Business description
Design, planning, manufacture, sales, and consignment processing of spray dryers
Main products
Spray dryers, spray cool, fluidized bed granulation spray dryers, exhaust gas treatment, waste water and liquid treatment, emulsifying & dispersing machines, and agricultural production technology
Anticipated fields of application, etc.
Foods, ceramics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, organic solvents, environmental measures, etc. (Contact our sales department.)

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