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"Improve the accuracy of measurement & control equipment, such as pulse frequency, rotation, speed, position, etc."

ATSENSE has been providing many products of high accuracy and reliability for automotive measuring equipment and devices as a manufacturer of sensors, measuring instruments, and control equipment. These superb technologies are now highly evaluated among customers.
ATSENSE INC. selects and develops valuable sensors for customers with sense, sensibility, and sensitivity.

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Sales Pitch

Field of expertise
Measuring instruments and control equipment
Our company's strength lies in the production of equipment for measurement and control based on inputting analog and pulse signals from sensors. Our standard products include tachometers and isolators.
Sensors are important for providing the best products to customers. Measurement technology is also necessary for bringing out the best from these sensors. 
Upon using the comprehensive power of the technologies, our company provides products that satisfy customers.
Toward matching
Our company manufactures not only standard products, but also accepts customer orders of products with original specifications.
Examples of achievement
1) Fuel blender
This device blends two liquids, such as ethanol and gasoline with high precision at the ratio of 0 to 100%.
The high-precision flow rate measurement and air pressure control technologies implemented in the fuel blender are highly evaluated in the market.
2) Measuring instruments for automotive industry
The engine rotation torque and fuel flow rate are basic items of measurement.
By using the pulse frequency operation technology, we were able to realize measurements in areas where enough measurement was not possible with conventional products.
3) PID controller
This product has a PID control board for the electro-pneumatic proportional valve control of air pressure by a 1-ms response PID controller. The response and control constants are free to change. This control technology has achieved fine control and high-speed response even for air pressure.
Outline of business and main products
Business description
 Our company develops, manufactures, and sells measuring and control equipment.
Main products
Fuel blenders, PDI controllers, flow rate measurement, torque measurement, and microscopes

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