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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:43

AETEC Co., Ltd.

Top runner in the field of environmental devices for quick cooling and heating technology! "

We provide solutions related to environmental test devices through composite technology merging the core technology for temperature, humidity, and pressure control. Our innovative examination systems combined from mechatronic and measurement devices are highly evaluated for their energy-saving, labor-saving, and space-saving effects.

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Business and main products
[Business description]
Manufacturing temperature test devices, such as for constant temperature baths
[Main products]
Aging devices, thermal shock test devices, constant temperature baths, cryostats, and conveyor furnaces
Leading the industry by contributing to temperature test innovation with quick cooling and heating technology 
■New agri-chamber
・Temperature change: 20℃/min or more
・Temperature distribution at temperature change: ±3℃

■Thermal shock test on liquid under pressure
・A thermal shock test can be performed while pressure is imposed.
Custom inline heating and cooling devices that save energy, labor, and space by fusion with mechatronics
■ Constant temperature bath with screen-type door
・Door structure: Transparent film of the winding-up type
・Reducing the door opening/closing space to zero
 Saving space and labor by automatic attachment/detachment of internal rack and automatic transport

■ Inline conveyor furnace
・Transfer heating and drying
・Heating and drying powder, liquid, resin, etc.
・Automatic transport aging, temperature gradient heating, etc.

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