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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:43

A and A Co.,Ltd

Our main business is deformed-shape processing of magnesium alloy and SUS using 3D shape processing. We meet a wide range of needs from small-volume prototyping to mass production by precision processing.

Our company independently develops and sells electric reload machines for operation rooms at hospitals and electric transfer machines for care facilities.
We have established an in-house system capable of doing all processes from planning & development, design, part machining, circuit design, electrical adjustment, and assembling.
By using domestic and overseas networks, we provide every kind of product that have technical capabilities and cost reducibility.

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Business description and features
Metal processing
All aluminum, all SUS, all brass, iron, copper, carbon, silver, magnesium alloy, etc.

We handle every kind of cubic processing and precision by using machining centers including one with a 5-axis pallet, wire processing devices, and polishing machines under a system capable of meeting customer needs.
Resin processing
ABS, PC, POM, acryl, Bakelite, Nylon, Teflon, PCB, etc.

Our company owns facilities capable of processing all kinds of resin materials.
We can manufacture single to mass production parts by precision part machining.
We can meet customer requests quickly because our facilities operate 20 hours a day.
Our company acquired permission for manufacturing, selling, and certifying medical devices.
We internally develop and sell electric transfer machines for hospital operation rooms and nursing facilities. 
Our company has established an in-house system for everything from planning & development to design, part machining, circuit design, electric adjustment, and assembling.
We provide all kinds of products having technical capabilities and cost competitiveness by using domestic and overseas networks.
Outline of main products
Main products
Our company handles difficult-to-machine materials and machines metals, as well as resins with high precision. We also plan, design, manufacture, and sell medical devices and welfare equipment.
Electric transfer machine, PASTEM
This product was developed to reduce the burden on doctors and nurses and transfer patients safely without hurting them.
Electric transfer machine, Parche
Elderly people are continuing to increase. Our company developed this product to reduce the burden on caregivers and nurses and help transfer the cared gently and easily, as well as safely.

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