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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:43


We are a company of craftsmanship and our core business is welding!!
With the welding technology as core competence, we are accumulating research day and night to be Japan's leader in welding technology.

Our company developed the vacuum device precision metalworking technology indispensable in manufacturing semiconductor devices, and flat display panels that require very high welding technology. This welding technology is applicable to single-piece prototyping to mass production with high precision.

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Outline of businesses, products, and technology
Business and main products
[Business description]
Metal product manufacturing
[Main products]
Semiconductor-related metal devices and their parts, vacuum devices, and welding machines
Vacuum chambers
● Our craftsmanship technology is made the most of.
1. Thin-plate welding: 0.5 max (stainless steel, aluminum, and copper)
2. Polished cover manufacturing
3. Welding using YAG laser and plasma
4. Batch assembling (automatic machines and piping units)
5. Vacuum chambers
(Super-vacuum: 10-10pa, large vacuum: 1,800 mm×3000)
6. Vacuum pipe welding
Hybrid YAG laser welding
 Our company developed welding related products of our own brand. Starting this year, we started hybrid welding for the first time in Japan by combining YAG laser and plasma with an automatic welding jig WELG created by a welder.
 This is an epoch-making welding machine for hybrid welding  (0.1 to 3 mm thick) that has innovated conventional welding. The machine can weld not only SUS and SPC plates, but also aluminum thin plates and copper plates difficult to weld.

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