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"UCAN is a manufacturer of so many products developed independently."

Thin-film coating technology using ultrasonic waves
Application of a heater having a self-control function
Evaporative humidification function + air cleaning function = Two birds with one stone!

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Introduction to our technology
Thin film coating technology using ultrasonic waves
■This is available only from our company who has an advanced technology in ultrasonic humidification.
■A 2.4 Mz driven ultrasonic oscillator is adopted for fine atomization and our unique know-how enabled chemical liquid atomization.
■This is optimum for thin film coating of solar battery production.
Application of heater with self-diagnosis function
■ The underwater heater that we developed allows a large current flow under water, but almost no current flow (down to 1/13) in the air.
■ Unlike a nickel chrome wire, this wire has a long life without cutting due to it being made of PTC semiconductor ceramics.
■ This characteristic makes the heater applicable to liquid heating for all industrial purposes.
Humidification and air cleaning functions = Two birds with one stone!
■ The vaporizing element UC-CORE that we developed features excellent water absorbency and has chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and brittle fracture resistance.
■ The humidifier is of the flow down type. Therefore, the humidifier has an air cleaning function as its secondary effect. During humidification, the humidifier efficiently eliminates and drains dust and bacteria suspended in the air, odors, and SOx and NOx mixed in outside air.
Business description and product outline
Business description
Manufacture and sales of business humidifiers and air-conditioning peripheral equipment
Main products
Ultrasonic humidifier, evaporative humidifier, PTC steam humidifier, full heat exchanger, air conditioner draining machine
Special notes
2001: Certificate of ISO9001

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