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Latest update: 17/02/2020 16:28:46

SOMAR Co., Ltd.

"Why don't you try designing by using the characteristics of urethane rubber?"

 We must select an optimum processing method that meets customer requirements for shape, dimensional accuracy, and characteristics. Since our company has technologies for all four molding methods, we can select an appropriate molding method and provide products that satisfy customers by making the most of the abundant knowhow we have accumulated. Our products are highly evaluated among customers.
 We mix molding materials suitable for customers by using our unique technology. This is a rare example proving our high technical capabilities and reliability.

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Features of design utilizing urethane rubber characteristics
Urethane rubber characteristics
Urethane rubber is an industrial material that has both plastic hardness and rubber elasticity. This material has high elasticity, high loadability, wide hardness, high repulsion, and abrasion resistance. In addition to these mechanical characteristics, the material exhibits excellent characteristics with respect to oil resistance, chemical resistance, and weather resistance not seen in plastic resin. We can also manufacture special products, such as conductive urethane with low repulsion.
Four molding methods and products
We must select an optimum processing method according to the requested shape, dimensional accuracy, and characteristics from customers. Since we are capable of the following four molding methods within the company, we can select an appropriate one and provide products that satisfy customers by using the abundant knowhow we have accumulated. Our company is highly evaluated by customers for such products.

・Cast molding (gears, pipes, and rollers)
・Cast press molding (wheels and gears)
・Injection molding (bearings, etc.)
・Foaming and extrusion molding
Mixing molding materials
By using our unique mixing technology, we mix molding materials within the company according to customer requests. This uncommon practice proves our technical capabilities and reliability.
Outline of business and main products
Business description
Our company manufactures and sells industrial urethane rubber.
Main products
Cast urethane, cast & pressed urethane, injection molded urethane, and foamed urethane

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