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Latest update: 21/04/2021 13:32:16

Inoue Tekkosho Co., Ltd.

Gear grinding with teeth with a measurement error of 0.003 mm (3 μm)

We use a gear and cogwheel grinding plate made by the Swiss company Reishauer AG for grinding and measuring gears and cogwheels in a temperature-controlled room. We can provide stable quality (JIS 0 class). In addition, through our JISQ9100 (aircraft, space, and defense) certification, we also support the traceability of quality.

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Gear grinding and measurement in a homeothermic environment
High-precision, gear grinding gears, and cogwheels
A new engine has been developed in the aircraft industry, where there is a focus on economy in recent times. That engine is the geared turbo fan engine, which has significantly improved fuel consumption and noise. Our company has the technology to grind the gears and cogwheels with the high accuracy and durability that is required for use in the deceleration gearbox of that engine.
High-precision gears for printing machines and machine tools and grinding gears
What is required for printer gears is for the tooth profile and tooth trace errors to be kept to an absolute minimum? Furthermore, we place importance on the pitch error between teeth, to reduce noise due to vibration and contain color shift due to pitch error. Continuous creation and processing by Swiss company Reishauer AG enables gear grinding with both noise and color shift kept to a minimum.
Integrated production from materials provides customers with shorter delivery times and peace of mind.
Regarding the gears and cogwheels that we receive orders for, through our integrated production system that starts from material procurement (we also offer some outsourced processing such as heat treatment), we shorten delivery times and give our customers peace of mind with quality that is unique to our in-house processing. Through the JISQ9100 (aircraft, space, and defense) certification we acquired in 2019, we realize further peace of mind and traceability after delivery.

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